Our Product Roadmap

As we continue to refine and enhance docAnalyzer.ai, our commitment remains steadfast to empower users with the most advanced AI-driven tools for document analysis. This year, we’re excited to introduce a series of innovative features designed to streamline your workflow, enhance accuracy, and transform the way you interact with documents. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming:

May 2024

New format: .doc .odt .md .txt .html .epub [done]

BYOK OpenAI GPT4 [done]

OCR [done]

BYOK Anthropic [done]

June 2024

New format: .pptx .odp [done/experimental]

URL upload [done]

document (non HTML) via URL upload [done]

Gemini 1.5 Flash [done]

July 24

Sitemap.xml format

CSV & JSON format

Rename document/ask AI

OCR/BYOK using the API

Chat in shared link (using credits)

Download OCR PDF after OCR

Download conversation history

Threads overview & multithread

August 24

Zotero integration

Personalized tuning

September 2024

Team plan


Cloud storage integration (e.g. Google Drive/DropBox/Pcloud)



Semantic Scholar

Per section grouping AI agent